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A simple but, uh, obvious definition for foodgasm can be described as follows, “The physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of an eating experience, usually resulting from stimulation of the taste buds and accompanied by a great atmosphere.”

Google currently gets around 29,000 hits for foodgasm a day. Flikr has a Foodgasm photo pool, for the more visually inclined, and every time I mention this term to friends they know exactly what I am talking about.

For all of you out there who can relate to this phenomena then this site is for you. If you have never been so lucky as to experience a foodgasm then this is also the site for you. Here I hope to post recipes, stories, and establishments that capture the physical and emotional sensations of the foodgasm.

So, now that I’ve told you my understandings of what a foodgasm is, I’m hoping you’ll tell me (and the rest of the readers) yours. What foods get you going? Where do you get them? Leave a comment and let us know about your love affair with food.

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.” -Anthony Bourdain.

Try Not to Blush Watching These Celebrity Chefs Talk About Foodgasms

August 4, 2014 by Brandi Milloy What exactly is a foodgasm? It’s what happens when one consumes incredibly tasty food. In most cases, it involves some sort of vocalization, such as (but not limited to) moans, sighs, gasps, or screams of joy. Everyone experiences them at one point or another, and we’ve captured the foodgasms of some of our favorite chefs in their full glory! Trust us, you’re going to want to see this video from start to end to catch everything from Curtis Stone’s “m’s” to Tyler Florence’s “oh my Gods” to José Andrés’s moans of pleasure. Featured chefs: José Andrés, Hugh Acheson, Sang Yoon, Dean Fearing, Johnny Iuzzini, Curtis Stone, Jonathan Waxman, Scott Conant, Gail Simmons, Richard Blais, Tyler Florence, Anthony Giglio, Matt McCallister.

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