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The Art Exhibition

THE ART EXHIBITION www.artsorigin.com

Our company started out as ART Exhibition, founded by current CEO Henri Boll – a successful entrepreneur with roughly 20 years of art collecting and dealing. For the past several years since the winter of 1995, we sponsored a creative workshop where 300 famous personalities in the fields of entertainment, music, arts, sports and fashion.

For the past several years, celebrities, artists, athletes, political and business leaders alike all over the world have generously participated and donated their time in by creating one-of-a-kind works of art, each based on a casting of the original clay mask. After a gala exhibition (Masquerade Ball) these masks are auctioned off, with the proceeds being donated to a number of important children’s charities. These charities include the Make a Wish Foundation here in America and the Prince’s Trust in England (HRH Charles, Prince of Wales has taken a keen interest in Masks and we are proud to count him as one of our “friends”). Currently, these masks have been viewed by over 20 million people worldwide and have raised approximately 2 million dollars for charity, all while creating extremely positive buzz and branding for companies. As a result, Masks has become a highly anticipated, high profile annual event.

We all want to do well while doing charitable work. Today’s businesses are aligning their philanthropic goals with their business goals. The Masks Project has enjoyed over nine years of success because of its win-win strategy. Our client list includes Lexus Cars, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and as mentioned before the People’s Palace in London with Prince Charles. The results have been spectacular. In fact, we have managed to build up the largest selection of celebrity art in the entire world.

By now, over 1,000 celebrities have designed masks for us. Our exhibitions also include artwork and prints from well-known artists such as Ya’acov Agam, Richard Mock, and Christo and Jean-Claude. We have amassed a database of 40,000 copyrighted images, both originals and copies, which can be sold at our events. This stockpile allows us to offer masks and artwork at variety of different prices in order to appeal to a wide audience. 

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